Residential & Dementia Care

Thorpe Wood Care Home

Coronavirus Update

8 January 2021

Visiting Thorpe Wood

We are extremely concerned about the impact that rising cases in Peterborough could have on our residents.

All visiting pod visits and garden and window visits are suspended until further notice.

Visits are only available in circumstances where the resident is approaching end of life.

We recognise this is not easy, and is another hurdle that we all have to overcome to return to normality.

We will be reviewing the situation again at the end of January.

Vaccination News

Many of our staff have started to receive the vaccine and each day we are getting more news of when others will receive theirs.

We have also received clarification that resident vaccinations will start this month.

This gives us great optimism for the return to normality, and we ask that you just bear with us for this period as we continue to keep your loved ones safe.


Thank you all for your support.

Please all stay safe.

Amar Marjara

Current Position

Visits to Thorpe Wood to see residents are suspended

  • Visiting Pod visits to meet with residents are suspended.
  • Garden visits and Window visits are suspended.

End-of-life Care

  • For visits to residents under end-of-life care plans please contact the home manager to discuss visiting arrangements.

Video Calling

  • Thorpe Wood has Skype video calling for relatives and friends to speak with residents.
  • Please contact the home for information on the service.


  • Thorpe Wood has an email newsletter for relatives and friends.
  • Please contact the home for information on the newsletter.

Medical visits

  • Visits from medical professionals continue.
  • Where practical, medical professionals are using video for remote consultations.
  • Hospital visits by residents continue.

Other services

  • All external entertainers have been cancelled until further notice.
  • All trips out have been cancelled until further notice.


  • All deliveries continue to be accepted.
  • All professional services continue to be accepted.

New Care Enquiries

  • For ALL new care enquiries please contact our Care Enquiries Team.
  • We are no longer accepting ‘walk-in’ enquiries at Thorpe Wood or at Head Office.
  • Contact our Care Enquiries Team
Rachel Hooker07949 809 730
Alice Hurst07736 925 611
Head Office01733 562 328

Further Information

  • These remain difficult times for everyone. Please be understanding towards our staff.
  • Procedures may change at short-notice.
  • If you have questions about the new arrangements please contact the home manager or Head Office.

Contact details

Thorpe Wood01733 303774
Head Office01733 562328