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Coronavirus Update - Archived

Update 4 November 2020 - Archived

Looking ahead

I would firstly like to thank you for your continuing support towards Lavender House and our residents.

As we begin to move into the winter period, our sector faces some challenging times especially as covid–19 cases begin to rise across the country. We continue to hold very good stocks of PPE to allow our staff to do their work safely.


I am pleased to report that we currently have no Covid cases amongst staff or residents. Staff continue to be tested weekly and residents every 28 days although we are able to ad–hoc test any resident sooner than 28 days should we require to do this.


As part of our continued effort to support our staff in being able to do their work in a safe and effective way, we have organised a series of training sessions specific to covid–19 and infection control.

Lavender House is creating Covid Champions whose roles are to act as the lead in supporting the Home Manager with covid infection control practices and procedures.

Visiting our Homes

Our priority during the pandemic has always been the protection of our residents and staff, and to prevent infections entering the home. The current visiting arrangements of Garden Visiting when the weather permits still remain in place and I am thankful for your support and patience in adhering to the current arrangements.

Work is starting on installing visiting shields that will allow for safe internal visiting in the near future.

As we enter a new 4 week national lockdown, we will continue to closely monitor any government guidance regarding care home visiting and will update you with any change to our current visiting arrangements.


I want to thank our relatives for the support you have shown during this period, as I know it can’t be easy for any of you.

Please all stay safe.

Amar Marjara

Current Position

Visits to Lavender House to see residents are restricted

  • We have taken the decision to ‘cocoon’ our residents from all non-essential contact to protect their safety and welfare.
  • Garden visits to meet with residents are available by appointment.
  • Please contact the home for further information.

Video Calling

  • We have Skype video calling at Lavender House for relatives and friends to speak with residents.
  • Please contact the home for information on the service.


  • Lavender House has an email newsletter for relatives and friends.
  • Please contact the home for information on the newsletter.

End-of-life Care

  • For visits to residents under end-of-life care plans please contact the home manager to discuss visiting arrangements.

Medical visits

  • Visits from medical professionals continue.
  • Where practical, medical professionals are using Skype for video consultations.
  • Hospital visits by residents continue.

Other services

  • All external entertainers have been cancelled until further notice.
  • All trips out have been cancelled until further notice.


  • All deliveries continue to be accepted.
  • All professional services continue to be accepted.

New Care Enquiries

  • For ALL new care enquiries please contact our Care Enquiries Team.
  • We are no longer accepting ‘walk-in’ enquiries at the homes or at Head Office.
  • Contact our Care Enquiries Team
Rachel Hooker07949 809 730
Head Office01733 562 328

Further Information

  • These are difficult times for everyone. Please be understanding towards our staff.
  • Procedures may change at short-notice.
  • If you have questions about the new arrangements please contact the home manager or Head Office.

Contact details

Lavender House01733 564979
Head Office01733 562328

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